There are few things more encouraging to young writers than seeing their work in print. Lodestar Author Services is now offering a special package for schools, making it straightforward to collect pupils’ poems, short stories or essays into an attractive paperback that gives pupils the thrill of seeing their writing in a real book while also raising money for the school or a chosen charity.

Our special package for schools includes:

✓  Proofreading to catch any typos!
✓  Back cover copy tailored to your collection!
✓  An attractive custom-designed cover (with the option to use a pupil’s artwork)!
✓  Formatting, typesetting and liaising with printers!
✓  Printable order form for parents/guardians to request copies!

Why choose this instead of a competition that pupils can enter for free?

We know there are contests which are free to enter and which give the kids who win the opportunity to see their work in print. What we’re offering is a little different.

First of all, this gives you the chance to set the agenda – choose your own theme that reflects the interests of your pupils, or no theme at all. Work to a timetable that suits the needs of your teachers and pupils, and have the books ready whenever you want them.

Secondly, we really believe that every child who wants to write should be encouraged to. Competitions are great, but by definition not everyone can win. With us you can make space for every pupil who wants a chance to share their work, even if it’s a little less polished.

How much does it cost?

The short answer is: absolutely nothing!

⇒  Pupils’ parents or guardians buy copies of the book.
⇒  Part of that money then comes to us to cover printing and publishing costs.
⇒  Anything extra goes directly to you!

Our prices vary depending on the length of the book and the number of copies you need. We can help you decide what to charge per book to ensure that you make back what you spend, or even raise a little extra for the school or a chosen charity.

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